Stay Connected

Staying connected to your community through social activities, recreational opportunities and community outreach is vital to your health and well-being. Social connections lead to improved health, and a longer and happier life. And, while it can become more difficult for older adults and people with disabilities to stay connected at times, there are opportunities available to all of us.

The programs and resources offered below are designed to accommodate nearly all individuals’ interests and hobbies regardless of disability, age or illness.

Social Engagement Opportunities

Community Centers
These offer an array of programs and activities promoting health, wellness and social interaction for all ages. These include Jewish Community Centers (JCCs), YMCAs and YWCAs. They are membership-based organizations, and may have a monthly membership fee.

Senior Centers
Senior Centers are a focal point for programs, services and activities for older adults in the community, all provided in a social setting.

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation Departments are municipal organizations that provide programs, activities and facilities that promote community engagement, healthy living and that enhance quality of life. Individuals of all ages and interests can participate in recreation, leisure, leagues, special events, sports and more.

Public Libraries
These are community hubs for information of all kinds, cultural, educational and recreational programs and services. Libraries are open to the public and available to people of all ages and are accessible. Use of public library services are free.

Social, Fraternal, Service and Faith Groups
These provide older adults and people with disabilities opportunities for social interaction and meaningful connections. Clubs and other organizations are a great way to engage with people who share a hobby, culture, faith or interest. Your local library may have a list of groups in your community.

Online Options
The Internet offers individuals of all ages increasing opportunities to connect with the world around them. Older adults and people with disabilities can make use of the Internet to keep in touch with friends and family members, meet new people, learn new things, shop, bank and more. People can access the Internet from any capable device such as a smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet.

Friendly Visitors & Telephone Reassurance
Friendly visitors or companions provide participants with socialization and activities in a safe, friendly environment through regular house visits and telephone calls. There is usually no cost to the participant.

Special Olympics
The Special Olympics Connecticut enables people with intellectual disabilities to train and compete in Olympic-style sports year-round, improve physical fitness and develop friendships.

Best Buddies
Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization that helps create opportunities for education, employment, social engagement and other programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.