Programs and Activities for Everyone

Community Centers provide health, fitness, educational and recreational resources for individuals of all ages. These centers are operated by not-for-profit agencies and include Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) and YMCAs. Community Centers welcome all ages, ethnicity, races, faiths and abilities.

They are membership-based organizations and offer an array of programs and activities that can include fitness, arts and humanities, recreation, health and wellness and sports. Individuals of all ages can socialize in a safe, healthy environment.

Eligibility Criteria

Community Centers generally do not have eligibility criteria. Certain events held at these centers may require registration or have their own eligibility requirements.

Services and Fees

Specific services and facilities offered may vary, but Community Centers may offer access to:

  • Fitness rooms, gyms and equipment
  • Classrooms
  • Programs for children and older adults
  • Teen centers
  • Computers and Internet access
  • Swimming pools

Some centers may also provide childcare and educational resources up to preschool age and after-school programs for older children. Community Centers typically have a monthly fee and offer discounts for children and older adults. Classes may have an additional fee. Hours of operation and availability of staff members, equipment or facilities may vary.

Community Centers may offer specialized programs or events for target audiences. For example, JCCs typically offer Jewish cultural programs.

Financial Options for Community Centers

Private Pay:
Private pay refers to using personal funds to cover all or a portion of an expense. There are different ways to acquire private pay resources.

Find in Your Area

Community centers may be available in communities across the state. Visit your town website to find a community center near you.