Healthy, balanced meals are an essential part of life.

They require an ability to access groceries, prepare meals, and afford nutritious food and this can be challenging.

In Connecticut, there are many resources that can help. From prepared meals delivered to your door to help getting and paying for groceries, assistance is available for most older adults and individuals with disabilities. In addition, many of these options are available at low to no cost.

Getting Groceries

Home Delivered Groceries
Grocery delivery services providing home delivery are available in Connecticut. Customers go online and select the items that they want and pay with a credit or debit card or other electronic method and schedule delivery. The groceries are then delivered to the customer’s home.

Friendly Shoppers
These services are offered by some communities where trained volunteers will go grocery shopping for older adults or people with disabilities who may need assistance or are homebound.

Food Pantries
Most communities offer a food pantry – a place where food is collected and distributed to people in need. They may be located in a Town Office, local house of worship or other community service agency. Food pantries may also provide referral or assistance information to people in need.

Getting Meals

Congregate Meals
Hot meals are available to older adults at community sites known as “Senior Community Cafe’s,” congregate meals or simply lunch, as well as home delivered meals for those unable to attend the community sites.

Home Delivered Meals
Hot, cold, and/or frozen nutritionally balanced prepared meals can be delivered to the homes of older adults and people with disabilities who are unable to shop and/or prepare meals for themselves or travel to a site where a community meal is being served.