Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery delivery services providing home delivery are available in Connecticut. Most of these services are Internet-based. Customers go online and select the items that they want, pay with a credit or debit card or other electronic method and schedule delivery. The groceries are then delivered to the customer’s home. The shipping fee is based on the size of the order and is usually under $10. Some services offer coupons, limited-time promotions, and first-time buyer deals.

There are a few services available in Connecticut. They include:

  • Peapod®: This service works with Stop and Shop across Connecticut. Please visit the Peapod website available through Stop and Shop grocery stores. Delivery is widely available in Connecticut.
  • Works with stores across Connecticut including grocery chains, pharmacies and even pet food stores. Delivery is available to most communities in Connecticut (about 92%) and each area of the state may have different stores available.
  • Meal Kit Delivery services (Hello Fresh, Blue Apron etc.): An option for home delivery of meal ingredients in a ready-to-cook kit. These tend to be more expensive than other services.

Eligibility Criteria

Grocery delivery services are available to everyone. An Internet-connected device is required as is a credit or debit card or other means of electronic payment. SNAP and EBT cards are not accepted.

Services and Fees

The fees for delivery are based on the value of the order.

Financial Options for Home Delivered Groceries

Private Pay:
Private pay refers to using personal funds to cover all or a portion of an expense. There are different ways to acquire private pay resources.

Find in Your Area

Visit Peapod or Instacart and input your ZIP Code to find participating stores as well as coupons and discounts for grocery delivery in your area.