Welcome to My Place CT, a free resource that helps you live in the place you call home. Providing an alternative to a nursing home by making it easier to find everything from long-term care to services and supports—all in one place. Connecting your community to living independently so you can live life to the fullest. Because there’s no place like in-home.

Help for a Loved One

Balancing your life

and caregiving

You’re juggling life, work and caregiving for your loved one who is finding daily life more challenging. You need help with care options for services and supports.

Older Adults Living on Their Own

Getting around is

getting harder

Maybe you don't drive and are having trouble completing some household chores. Maybe you need to find local services and supports, affordable housing, transportation and more.

Children and Teens with Disabilities

Helping them grow

and letting go

Your child has a disability. You want them to be all that they can be. Maybe you’re thinking about how they will transition to adulthood; find a job, affordable housing and community connections.

Help for a Loved One with Memory Problems

Caregiving is a

full-time job

You want your loved one to live with you but need an in-home caregiver during part of the day. Plus support for yourself as the primary caregiver. You need to plan for future needs.

Adults with Disabilities

Striving to keep your


You’re living with a disability; maybe this is something recent. You want to be productive at home and work, as well as find accessible housing and/or services, supports or benefits for which you may be eligible.


Your service deserves


Maybe you’re retired and on a fixed income, or maybe you’re living with PTSD or mobility issues. You want to know if any veterans’ benefits or local programs and services can help you remain independent.


Find A Career

In-home caregiving is in demand


My Place CT Partner Network

Partners in connecting you to independent living


Informal Caregiver

Services and supports to help you cope

See what you might qualify for

Find out the federal and state programs that you may quality for. This could include services, supports and benefits available in your community.

Assess Your Needs