About Us

MyPlaceCT.org is a free, web-based resource designed to help older adults and people with disabilities live at home or in the community with optimal independence, health and wellbeing. It helps people explore their options and features current information on a wide range of services and supports - all in one place.

The easily accessible information and the opportunities for training featured on MyPlaceCT.org, will help a variety of stakeholders - providers, communities, Partners - maximize time, create efficiency and have an even greater impact on the people they serve.

As a virtual home of No Wrong Door (NWD), MyPlaceCT.org reflects the philosophy that each person is unique, with individual needs, on their own journey to seek long term services and supports. Regardless of where an individual starts, partners and providers can help people utilize MyPlaceCT.org to better understand and access their options and support their decision-making.

MyPlaceCT.org is sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Social Services, in collaboration with partner State Agencies, 2-1-1/United Way of Connecticut and My Place CT Partners. MyPlaceCT.org is an initiative of Connecticut's Strategic Plan to Rebalance Long-term Services and Supports is aligned with initiatives to address the social determinants of health. Funding is provided by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.