Staying Connected

The Internet offers many ways to connect with the world. Older adults and people with disabilities can make use of the Internet to keep in touch with friends and family members, meet new people, learn new things, shop, bank and more. The Internet can be accessed from a range of devices such as a smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet.

Many senior centers and public libraries provide instruction, access to and assistance with using the Internet. The Internet is a powerful tool for connection, but must be used with caution. For Internet safety tips, visit Connect Safely.

Eligibility Criteria

The Internet is open and available to all; however, certain websites may be age-restricted. An Internet-connected device such as a smartphone, tablet, personal computer or laptop is required.

Many devices and applications have accessibility tools or features to make them more accessible for people with disabilities including screen readers, captioning and modified controls.

Services and Fees

The Internet can be used for numerous functional and financial activities that can help older adults and people with disabilities engage with their communities and live with a greater sense of independence. Although there may be seemingly infinite things to do on the Internet, below are some specific activities older adults and people with disabilities may find particularly valuable:

  • Find news, entertainment, and information
  • Communicate with family, friends and new people through social media applications, email, forums, instant messaging platforms or through audio/video chat programs
  • Online banking and managing financial accounts
  • Shopping

Certain websites may be “behind a pay wall.” This means, to access the content on the site, users will have to pay for the services.

Find in Your Area

For older adults and people with disabilities without access to Internet-capable devices at home, these services may be available at public libraries, community and senior centers and other organizations.

Find public libraries near you to search for a book, e-book or author you are interested in.

View the list of Connecticut Senior Centers to find one in your community.