Opportunities to Be Active

Parks and Recreation Departments are municipal organizations that provide programs, activities and facilities to promote community engagement, healthy living and that enhance quality of life. Individuals of all ages and interests can participate in recreation, leisure, leagues, special events, sports and more.

Older adults and people with disabilities can utilize programs operated by local Parks and Recreation Departments for opportunities to socialize and network, spend time with family and friends and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. As public entities, all programs are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide equal access.

Activities organized by the Parks and Recreation Department may also be geared toward special interests and hobbies and provide educational resources and programs for children.

In addition to municipal parks, the State of Connecticut maintains parks and beach areas for public use.

Eligibility Criteria

Some programs operated by the Parks and Recreation Department may have eligibility criteria such as age or residency.

Services and Fees

Parks and Recreation Departments offer services and resources individuals can use for leisure, recreational and entertainment interests. People of all ages and lifestyles can access public spaces and facilities such as parks, nature reserves, trails and built structures for sports or arts programs.

Parks and Recreation programs typically operate on a fee for service basis. Use of State Parks is free to Connecticut residents. Out-of-state visitors can purchase a day or special season pass at a low fee.

Find in Your Area

Visit the Connecticut Recreation & Parks Association website to find your community’s website for a listing of parks, indoor and outdoor activities, and more.