Preparation for potential Medicaid financial eligibility for Medicaid - Husky C

* Before using this tool, please see the the Asset Awareness Tool.

You may want to apply for Medicaid, also known in Connecticut as Husky Health, to help you with your long-term services and supports and health care needs. State and federal law determines how much income and assets you can have to be considered financially eligible for Husky. This is referred to as the income and asset limit. Each Husky coverage group has different eligibility requirements. While all Husky coverage groups have income limits, only Husky C reviews assets. To be determined financially eligible for Husky C (the coverage group for people who are aged, blind or disabled), your countable assets cannot be more than the Husky C asset limit. If your countable assets are more than the asset limit, then you may eventually be eligible for Husky C if your assets are reduced over time.

Use this tool for your own purposes. It will help you track your assets as you get closer to the Medicaid asset limit, so that you can plan accordingly.

Download the Expense Tracking Tool