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Home modifications can be a great help when you need extra support to get around or manage at home. However, not everyone can afford lowered counters, wider walkways, and other major home improvements. Believe it or not, you don’t always have to break the bank to make your home work for you and your unique needs. There are still many affordable, easy-to-install home modifications that can improve your daily living. 

Motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights can help prevent falls and injuries by making it easier to see and get around your home. Whenever movement is detected in the area where these lights have been installed, they will turn on automatically. So if you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or get a glass of water, motion sensor lights can reduce the risk of tripping over any objects that might be in your way. This feature is especially helpful if you have light switches located in hard-to-reach places. These lights can usually be purchased for $20-$50 online or at your local home improvement store.

Lever style handles

It can be difficult to grip and twist an object at the same time when you have arthritis, muscle weakness, or other mobility issues. Try swapping out your door knobs for lever style handles! Lever handles allow you to open a door or turn on a sink faucet with little force. Most of them can be bought for $15-$30 and can be applied to sink faucets and doors. If you would rather not replace your door knobs, you can simply add a lever to them using a door knob adapter. This device can be placed over your doorknob to turn it into a lever, and comes in many styles and costs to fit your taste and budget!

Handheld shower heads 

Handheld shower heads can increase your mobility and safety while bathing. They allow you to easily clean your feet and the back of your head —areas that can be difficult to reach with a limited range of motion. Handheld shower heads can also be handy when washing out your tub or shower. You can find these shower heads at your local store for as low as $20-$30. Many of them are easy to install and even offer multiple jet settings! For maximum accessibility, you can also get an adjustable shower head mount so that you can conveniently remove and put back the shower head as you please.

Raised toilet seat

Installing a raised toilet seat, or seat riser, is another simple way to improve the safety of your bathroom. Muscle or joint pain can make it difficult to bend and sit down on the average toilet seat. Raised toilet seats increase the height of your toilet, which reduces the distance you must bend to use it. Most of them cost between $25-$60, and can simply be placed over the top of your existing toilet seat or snapped in place. Some seats even come with grab bars on the sides for added stability and comfort. If you do decide to get a raised toilet seat, make sure you can keep your feet flat on the floor to avoid over-raising. 

These measures are a simple way to start. Depending on your needs, you may benefit from making more advanced changes to your home. For more information on home modifications that can help improve mobility, read MyPlaceCT’s article on 4 Must-Have Home Modifications for Mobility.

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