A Unique Housing Model

Adult Family Living (AFL) is a unique housing model which allows older adults to live in a private home and receive care.

Personal care and support services are provided to the older adult by a caregiver who lives in the home that is owned by either the older adult or the caregiver. The caregiver is often a family member or friend. The caregiver will either move into the home of the older adult or the older adult will move into the home of the caregiver.

The Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) offers AFL under the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders (CHCPE) and the Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Waiver. More information on these programs are below.

Eligibility Criteria

AFL is offered as a service under the CHCPE and the PCA Waiver so participants must be eligible for one of those programs. Generally, applicants must be over the age of 65 or have a disability, need assistance in at least one ADL and meet the income requirements.

Services and Fees

There are four different levels of care that may be provided determined by the complexity of the care needed as assessed by the DSS. Each level of care offers supervision and hands-on assistance when performing ADL’s and/or management of cognitive or behavioral challenges. The services are overseen by an intermediary agency authorized by the state which provides training and support for the caregivers.

Caregivers receive compensation in the form of a non-taxable stipend based on the level of care provided. The intermediary agency receives a fee for facilitating work and maintaining the recipient’s eligibility for the program.

Recipients also receive assistance with transportation, meals, shopping and social and recreational opportunities.

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