CT Paid Leave

CT Paid Leave allows you to take time away from work to care for yourself or loved ones without working about lost income.

Funded through a small payroll deduction, this important program is managed by the CT Paid Leave Authority.

You may take paid leave to:

  • Care for your own serious health condition
  • Care for a loved one experiencing a  serious health condition
  • Create or expand your family through adoption, birth, or foster care
  • Address issues resulting from family violence
  • Care for a family member injured during active duty in the armed forces or for a qualifying exigency  leave due to active duty service
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You are eligible if you are currently employed in Connecticut or were employed in the state in the past 12 weeks by a covered employer,you meet earning criteria, and you are experiencing one of the qualifying events listed above. 

For more information, visit CTPaidLeave.org.