Older Adults Can Remain Safe, Responsible Drivers

A mature driver program can help older adults learn to remain safe, responsible drivers. As an added benefit, completing a mature driver course may decrease insurance premiums. Drivers aged 60 and older who complete a DMV approved four-hour course are eligible for a 5% premium discount for up to two years. Approved courses are offered by AARP and the American Automobile Association.

AARP Driver Safety Courses

AARP offers both a four-hour classroom course and an online course. The in-person class is offered at convenient community locations like local senior centers and are taught by trained AARP volunteers. The cost is $15 for members and $20 for nonmembers. The online course covers the same material and can be done at your own pace within 30 days. It costs $24.95.

American Automobile Association (AAA) – Roadwise Driver

This program is designed to keep older adults driving for as long as safely possible. Classes can be taken online or in a classroom. $15.95 for members and $19.95 for nonmembers.

Eligibility Criteria

Mature driver training classes are for licensed drivers only. Attendees must be 60 or older to qualify for an insurance discount.

Services and Fees

The class fees range from $15-$24.95. A computer with Internet access is required for the online classes. Both AARP and AAA offer discounts on the courses for members.

Financial Options for Mature Drivers Training

Private Pay:
Private pay refers to using personal funds to cover all or a portion of an expense. There are different ways to acquire private pay resources.

Find in Your Area

Visit the AARP website or call a local AARP office at 1-866-295-7279 (Toll-Free) for information on enrolling in a mature drivers training course. You can also visit AAA Roadwise Driver for online and in-person classes.