Housing for People with Intellectual Disabilities

A Community Companion Home (CCH) offers people with intellectual disabilities a safe and nurturing home and the opportunity to socialize and engage with their communities. Participants live in the home of a family licensed and trained by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

The DDS provides training, monitoring and oversight to households applying for a CCH license. Once a family is approved, DDS facilitates a matching process based on lifestyle, personal preferences and needs and develops a transition plan. Families receive training and support as well as a tax-free room and board rate established by DSS and a tax-free monthly stipend from DDS to cover additional costs of care for each individual with intellectual disability who lives in their home.

Licensees accept the responsibility for caring for one individual. After a successful one year period, that capacity may increase up to three based on regional guidelines.

Learn More: Individuals can apply using these application forms (English or Spanish). An application can also be sent via email or by calling toll-free at 1-866-433-8192. Application forms should be submitted to:

Department of Developmental Services Eligibility Unit
460 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Eligibility Criteria

For individuals or families who wish to license their home as a CCH for someone with an intellectual disability, email or call (860) 418-6094.

In order to be eligible for CCH, individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Connecticut resident and
  • Have an intellectual disability or a medical diagnosis of Prader-Willi Syndrome by a physician

As defined by the state, an intellectual disability is a significant limitation in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior that originated before 18 years of age.

Learn MoreDownload the Eligibility Fact Sheet for more information.

Services and Fees

CCH provide room and board, assistance with personal care and support individuals in their full engagement in the community.

Find in Your Area

If you’re interested in applying for a license, visit the Community Companion Homes page of the DDS website.