Affordable, Accessible Housing Modifications

Home modifications make it possible to remain in, and move throughout, one’s home as needs change. The Corporation for Independent Living (CIL) provides affordable, accessible housing modifications to those in need through the AccesSolutions program.

The AccesSolutions program offers eligible individuals with disabilities specialized equipment such as ramps, lifts, grab bars, elevators and modifications to the home’s kitchen and bathroom. Grants and low-interest loans are given to eligible households to pay for the home modifications and contractors they need.

Note: There is a waiting list for this program. Waiting lists only open to new applications when most people on the list have been served.

Learn more: Visit the Corporation for Independent Living website to find more on grants and loans for home accessibility modifications, including ramps and lifts.

Eligibility Criteria

Generally, individuals must:

  • Have total household income at or below 80% or 100% of Area Median Income, adjusted for extraordinary and on-going medical expenses.
  • Have applied for and determined ineligible for other, currently available sources of funding.
  • For the Money Follows the Person (MFP) related service, be enrolled in MFP.

Projects must be on behalf of a person with a disability and must provide lasting improvements in accessibility and independence and be essential for daily living.

Types of Services & Supports that can be used for Corporation for Independent Living - AccesSolutions

AccesSolutions offers three services:

  • The Grants for Accessibility program is designed to help homeowners with disabilities and with low to moderate incomes make accessibility modifications to their homes and provide critical capital improvements. Grant amounts generally range from $5,000 to $70,000 and are secured by a lien against the home.
  • CIL provides portable, modular ramps to income-eligible people with disabilities in the Greater Hartford area.
  • For people who are transitioning to the community through the Money Follows the Person program, CIL identifies and manages home accessibility modifications necessary to permit people to move back to their own homes.

Once the application is reviewed and approved, the CIL assists the homeowner or renter throughout the selection process for a project designer and contractor. The CIL makes payments to the contractor.

Applicants are divided into two categories which determine the amount of funding received for the project. Applicants in the Small Category have access to under $5,000. Applicants in the Large Category have access to funds between $5,000 and $25,000.


Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria can apply online using the Waiting List Form.

The form asks for information on the applicant regarding their type of disability, whether they use a wheelchair, rent or own the property requiring modification, if the applicant is in a nursing home or hospital and involved with Money Follows the Person program.

Applicants are also asked to fill out their desired home modifications.

Applicants can apply online using the Waiting List Form. Applying can be done at no cost to the individual.

Call the Corporation for Independent Living at 860-563-6011.