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Inviting someone into your home to help with your daily needs may feel awkward and even a little uncomfortable at first. But hiring in-home care can help you get the support you need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and thrive in your own home. If you’re considering using in-home care services, here are some benefits you can look forward to! 

Make a lasting friendship
Caregivers, such as live-in companions and personal care assistants, can do more than help with your everyday needs. They can also offer emotional support and companionship. According to the CDC, our social connections influence our minds, bodies, and behaviors. The more positive your relationships are, the happier and healthier you are more likely to be overall. Having people in your life who you trust and can turn to for support can also help when dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression. Talking to and spending time with your caregiver can build that trust and make you feel more comfortable at home when they are around. People who receive in-home care services often report very positive relationships with their caregivers or home health care team that go beyond physical care duties. 

Live life on your terms
You may be concerned that getting in-home care services will limit your ability and choice to perform tasks on your own. But the truth is your independence is actually more likely to improve when receiving home care. Services like provided transportation or home-delivered meals allow you to adapt to a life with care at your own pace, which can reduce stress during your daily routine. Not to mention that care visits usually last only a few hours depending on the tasks you need help with (unless you choose to have a live-in caregiver). This means you can have the rest of the day to enjoy the comfort of your home by yourself until the next scheduled visit. 

Your own care team
Your everyday needs are very important, and so is having a care team that can tend to them. When you choose to receive in-home care services, you get one-on-one attention from the staff at all times, along with a care plan designed specifically for your needs and goals. This not only makes treatment more effective, but it also builds trust between you and your caregiver, or care team. For example, in-home care staff can help determine the safety of your home as well as possible modifications it may need to best support your lifestyle. 

Saves money
Compared to costs of nursing homes, the cost of home care is often lower. According to Genworth, the annual median cost of a private room in Connecticut nursing homes was about $182,044 in 2021 – that’s more than double the 2021 annual median cost of hiring a full-time home care aid! Home care services can delay or prevent the need to pay for a nursing home stay since you can get care for your essential needs right at home. These services can also save you trips to the hospital (and money on hospital bills) since you would be seen and treated by your caregiver or care team on a regular basis. You can get help covering in-home care costs through programs like Medicaid, Community First Choice, PCA waivers, and more.

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