Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services play a vital role in promoting the physical and mental health of older adults and people with disabilities. These services provide a safe alternative to institutionalization where individuals can socialize and engage with similar individuals in a stimulating environment. Family caregivers can also rely upon an adult day center for respite care during the day.

People can receive adult day services in centers during normal business hours five days a week. Some centers may offer services for weekends or evenings.

Eligibility Criteria 

Adult day services are designed for older adults and adults with disabilities who require some support or supervision.

Services and Fees

There are generally three different types of adult day services:

  1. Social Model: Serves people who require supervision or activities to reduce social isolation, but not extensive personal care or medical monitoring. These centers provide meals, social and recreational activities, and some health-related services.
  2. Medical Model: More intensive health and therapeutic services such as nursing and personal care are provided in addition to social activities.
  3. Specialized: Intensive care for individuals with specific treatment needs, such as those diagnosed with dementia or developmental disabilities.

Consider the type of adult day center best suited for you or the person in need of care. Costs and services offered will vary between centers and by type of center.

Generally, all three types of adult day centers will offer:

  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Meals and snacks
  • Recreation
  • Therapeutic activities such as exercise and mental interaction

There may also be additional services and supports offered to assist family members of the individual using adult day services. Family members may be able to access support groups, educational resources, counseling and more.

While there is usually a daily cost, many programs offer sliding rate scales or some financial assistance.

Financial Options for Adult Day Services

Veteran Services: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Health Administration can provide financial support for a variety of services and supports. 

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