Privately Owned or Rented Housing

Most individuals prefer to live in their own home, near family and friends and in a community that has access to resources and opportunities for engagement. That might mean a house that is owned or rented, an apartment, a condo, a manufactured home, a room or another privately-owned property.

The ability to age in place at home can change over one's lifespan. There are services and supports older adults and people with disabilities can use which help them remain in their own home as their needs change. These include services that help individuals with home maintenance and home modifications to ensure the home is safe and accessible and to afford housing and in-home services that help them live independently.

Eligibility Criteria 

Home lenders and landlords establish their own requirements for purchase or rentals.

Services and Fees

Homeowners are generally responsible for all aspects of the care and maintenance of their home. Landlords are usually responsible for the care and maintenance of rented homes.

There are services available to assist with home maintenance including modifications for accessibility and chore assistance. In addition, there are a wide variety of in-home services that are available to help individuals remain in their home. See the in-home section for more information.

Financial Options for Privately Owned or Rented