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Housing Cooperatives

These are a blend of rental and ownership, providing affordable housing to low-income families and individuals within a diverse community. Housing cooperatives may be the right choice if you want to own your own home or prefer to be active in defining and managing your community. You are responsible for your individual unit, which belongs both to you and to all of your neighbors. Everyone is required to participate in managing the co-op and caring for the common areas. Eligibility depends upon income, family size, amount of debt and willingness to participate.

Services and Fees

There are no services offered as part of the housing cooperative. Residents may use community-based supportive services to live independently but they are responsible for acquiring them. Typically, there is a down payment and monthly fees. When you move out, you sell your share back to the co-op and receive the amount you put down, plus interest for every year you lived there. This assures that the co-op continues as an affordable housing option.

Quality of Standards

While these communities are not licensed, they must comply with building and safety codes regarding the design, construction and safety features of their buildings.

Learn more. Please visit the National Association of Housing Cooperatives website
You can also visit the HUD website to find housing cooperatives in your area.

Date Modified: 07/24/2018

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