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Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS)

The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is a health care agency whose mission is to promote the overall health and wellness of persons with behavioral health needs. By using an integrated network of holistic, comprehensive, effective and efficient services and supports, the agency fosters dignity, respect and self-sufficiency in those we serve.

The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) promotes and administers comprehensive, recovery-oriented services in the areas of mental health treatment and substance abuse prevention and treatment throughout Connecticut. While prevention services apply to all Connecticut citizens, DMHAS’s mandate is to serve adults (over 18 years of age) with psychiatric or substance use disorders, or both, who lack the financial means to obtain such services on their own.

Mental Health Services

DMHAS is responsible for providing a wide range of treatment services to adults. This includes inpatient hospitalization, outpatient clinical services, 24-hour emergency care, day treatment, psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation, restoration to competency and forensic services (including jail diversion programs). It also offers outreach services for persons with serious mental illness who are homeless as well as comprehensive, community-based mental health treatment and support services.

DMHAS is the operating agency for the Mental Health Waiver, which helps individuals with serious and persistent mental illness avoid living in a nursing home. It also helps others living in an institutional setting transition back to the community.


  • individuals aged 22 or older
  • must meet Medicaid eligibility guidelines (established income and asset limits)
  • must meet Medicaid State Plan criteria for nursing home level of care
  • voluntarily chooses to participate in the waiver and has a diagnosis of serious and persistent mental illness as defined by State of Connecticut PASRR policy

Substance Abuse Services

DMHAS is the state’s lead agency for the prevention and treatment of alcohol and other substance abuse. As such, it provides a variety of treatment services on a regional basis to persons with substance use disorders. This includes ambulatory care, residential detoxification, long-term care, long-term rehabilitation, intensive and intermediate residential services, methadone or chemical maintenance, outpatient, partial hospitalization and aftercare.

Learn more. For information about DMHAS, please visit the Department of Mental Health and Addiction website.

Senior Outreach

As a result of the demographic changes in Connecticut, adults aged 65 and older with psychiatric disorders may meet or exceed the younger population with psychiatric disorders. To meet these needs, DMHAS offers programs specifically for older adults.

Learn more. To find out about programs in your area, please visit Senior Outreach at the DMHAS website.

Date Modified: 07/24/2018

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