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Karen experienced a life of independence, as most people do. This independence allowed her to work at St. Francis Hospital for 16 years serving the community. It allowed her to make the everyday choices we often take for granted: when to get up, what to pack for lunch, and what to do over the weekend.… Read More >

Christopher, now age fifteen, was born with chromosomal disorders which include developmental, physical, and intellectual disabilities, along with seizures and other difficulties. Jenny, his mother, immigrated to Bridgeport, CT from Ecuador before Christopher was born. Like many challenges immigrants face when becoming familiar with a new country, Jenny was initially unaware of the community services available to people with disabilities.… Read More >

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a respiratory illness that spreads from person-to-person, and can affect the health and wellbeing of at-risk older adults and people living with disabilities. In an effort to protect yourself—and others—see below for a short list of precautionary measures that can be taken in order to reduce the contracting and spreading of COVID-19.… Read More >

Betty describes herself as an active, “never been a sitting around” type of person. However, complications from diabetes led to a stroke and a single leg amputation, which resulted in a two year stay in a skilled nursing facility. The rehabilitation department at the nursing facility suggested Money Follows the Person (MFP) to assist her in transitioning back into the community. Although excited, Betty was fearful and anxious, having to begin again.… Read More >

“Hospice: Bringing Care and Compassion Together” opens the door to having a conversation about hospice. Tracy Wodatch, President and CEO of the Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home, delves into how hospice can help support the family and the individual’s quality of life—at the end of life.… Listen Now >

In this episode, Candace Low, formerly the Executive Director of Independence Unlimited, and now an independent consultant that helps create communities of belonging, shares her story about downsizing her home. She talks openly about the challenges, support and comfort she experienced during this move. Find out how Candace is living her life to the fullest in the place she now calls home.… Listen Now >

Three major motorcycle accidents in the last 16 years may have altered Andrew’s body and mind, leaving him to struggle daily with pain, short-term memory loss and PTSD, but he retains a wonderfully positive outlook on life. As his t-shirt says, “He is hooked on life.” Andrew works hard to maintain his physical health in order to enjoy his family and his animals. He hopes he will find a way to enjoy fishing again as he continues to recover.… Read More >

Dr. Mónika Lopez, Associate Professor of Economics at Connecticut College, explores family caregiving with a focus on the expanding role of men as caregivers. Dr. Lopez looks at caregivers and care recipients as a partnership and examines how gender and culturally-based differences impact this dynamic—made stronger by a more supportive community. Learn why we need to take care of the caregiver and find out where the future of family caregiving is headed.… Listen Now >

Christy Kovel, Director of Public Policy for the Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter, shares her own story of “Life After Loss.” Christy lost her partner of 20 years after a long illness. While being public about her loss—speaking at public venues and helping her local hospital start a new support group—Christy takes us on her personal journey as a younger widow who is remaining open and moving forward.… Listen Now >

Doug is a goal setter and hard worker. He worked in the service and sales industries for over twenty years. He achieved the height of success, owning his home and his car. But he worked over twelve hours per day, ate for convenience, and did not prioritize exercise, social events and family time. Things changed two years ago when his lifestyle caught up with him and an illness put Doug in the hospital for a lengthy stay. When he was in the hospital, he was unable to walk. Doug knew he needed rehab and went to a nursing home… Read More >

“Live Well with Cognitive Change” explores how a holistic model of care can positively impact the lives of people living with cognitive change. Stephani Shivers, Chief Operating Officer - Community Services, and Daniel Belonick, Director of Counseling Services for LiveWell Alliance help us understand what it means to live in a dementia-friendly environment and why aging with resiliency can make all the difference in quality of life.… Listen Now >

Kristopher Thompson, Coordinator of the New England Assistive Technology Center, shares his vision of the future in “Assistive and Smart Technology: Getting More Out of Life.” With smart technology built in to our electronic devices, we are “leveling the playing field” for people of all ages and abilities. With new opportunities for customization, learn how more people are leveraging technology to get just what they need to help live their best lives.… Listen Now >

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