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Doug is a goal setter and hard worker. He worked in the service and sales industries for over twenty years. He achieved the height of success, owning his home and his car. But he worked over twelve hours per day, ate for convenience, and did not prioritize exercise, social events and family time. Things changed two years ago when his lifestyle caught up with him and an illness put Doug in the hospital for a lengthy stay. When he was in the hospital, he was unable to walk. Doug knew he needed rehab and went to a nursing home… Read More >

“Live Well with Cognitive Change” explores how a holistic model of care can positively impact the lives of people living with memory change. Stephani Shivers, COO of Live Well Alliance, and Daniel Belonick, Director of Counseling Services for Live Well Dementia Specialists, help us understand what it means to live in a dementia-friendly environment and why aging with resiliency can make all the difference in quality of life.… Listen Now >

“Getting It Right for LGBT” looks at how an important initiative in Connecticut is helping LGBT older adults and people with disabilities have a welcoming and inclusive experience when accessing long-term services and supports. Molly Rees Gavin, President of Connecticut Community Care (CCC), explains how the Getting It Right initiative she helped champion has created openness, sensitivity and in turn, positive outcomes. Learn how the quality of life is evolving for our LGBT neighbors, one family at a time.… Listen Now >

Pamela lived in long-term care facilities for nearly ten years. After a decade in skilled care, her conservator, considers this a “really good discharge” as Pamela has maintained her health and well-being very well in the community with the help of Money Follows the Person. The transition coordinator was instrumental in making this a quick and smooth process along with the facility social worker.… Read More >

Livable Cities: Ready When You Are” explores how New Haven is creating a more livable community for people at every stage of life with respect to transportation—the hub of any community. Doug Hausladen, Director of Transportation and the Acting Director of the Parking Authority for the City of New Haven, delves into how the city is creating more livability by connecting to people’s everyday lives. Learn what New Haven is doing to take care of “the whole person, their whole life.… Listen Now >

Susan, former Emergency Room nurse found herself on the other side of the healthcare system after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She became so sick from the chemotherapy that at one point she needed 24/7 care and was admitted to a skilled nursing facility. For eleven months she spent up to 3 hours a day working with the physical therapists in the rehabilitation gym determined to get stronger. As she started gaining back her strength, a housing coordinator from Money Follows the Person (MFP) introduced her to how this program could help her transition back to her town with supports.… Read More >

Connecticut has plans to help people literally get back on their feet. Several towns in Connecticut will be offering Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance® (TJQMBB), an evidence-based program that reduces falls among older adults by 55%. Dianne Stone, Director of the Newington Senior and Disabled Center explains.… Read More >

Nancy is what many would refer to as a warrior. In the years prior to her admission to a skilled nursing facility, she endured a divorce from an abusive husband. As a result, Nancy was left with a lack of finances and post-traumatic stress disorder. After many months of hard work and recovery, the facility social worker introduced Nancy to the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program. MFP then gave her the opportunity to expand her success into the community.… Read More >

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